Pick a Plan that Works for
Your Business

Start small and when your organization understand the power of data , expand.

Our customers range from small design companies that do ad-hock design reviews to large global corporations with over 6000 Costed BOM or PCBA´s that needs to be monitored and continuously updated so there teams always have clean and fresh data

  • Product Risk Impact
  • Spend Management
  • Buying Power
  • RFQ Management
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Should Cost
  • Store Historical Data
  • Component database
  • Processes ( ECO , CIR )
  • Workflows
  • Risk Management
  • Allocation Management
  • Re-design Management
  • AML Management
  • Data Collections
  • Global Support
  • Up to 500 Users
  • Up to 5000 PCBA’s
  • Forecast Management
  • Q to Q Pricelist Management

Message of Lexi

Lexi R&D Cost Estimation system is an important tool in my job but foremost our design engineers get feedback on component choice from BOM-health and also cost point of view long before project decisions are made or quotes are taken in.

A powerful tool with a supporting team ready to assist almost 24/7.

Cost Estimation Manager
Husqvarna AB

Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional methods can’t create a competitive and if you strive for operational excellence and Industry 4.0 digitalization, also in your supply chain management systems, then Lexi is a must. Our AI engine will “clean” (accurately scrub, consolidate, harmonize, classify and enrich) your data and help you find huge improvements in your supply chain.

You can be up and running in a week with the first round of data analysis ready for review. Of course, if your supply chain data is as huge as some of our customers (e.g., over 50 EMS suppliers and over 100,000 line items), we’ll need some more time. But even in those cases, you’ll have your data loaded and can start the ROI phase through our data discovery and business intelligence process.

No, we offer a total solution including data collection from your EMS suppliers, other suppliers and from other external sources. All you need to provide is a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to suppliers to release your supply chain data to us for the project.

No, this is a Cloud solution, all access is via our web page.

No, all data is in our Customers database only. No other Customer’s data is visible, and likewise your data is not visible for others. Our Customers’ information security is of highest priority, and we work internally and externally under strict NDAs as well as hardware and software safeguards to protect your data.