Unlock the Hidden Value in Your
Supply Chain Data with AI

Founded in Stockholm in 2011, and with a Data Operations Center in Malaysia, Lexi is bringing break-through methodology to Industry 4.0 digital methods in supply chain management.


All Bill of Materials are cleaned and enriched with commercial and technical data


It is used by Sourcing & Supply and Hardware design teams


Transform data from Excel and source systems into one Platform for analytics


Lexi’s data analytics takes your raw and messy data and transforms it into a source of valuable business intelligence. Our “data discovery” process yields insights that unlock savings that otherwise lie hidden and untapped.


Lexi gives you the tools to monitor and create supply chain transparency to procative mitigate supply disturbances and create a heat map of the sourced products based on the Bill of Material, and much more data.

Customer Message

Lexi is like Netflix, You open it and find all data you need, doesn’t matter if its commercial or technical data you look for, all is there. We now finally have a Global component database and been able to take control over how to approve new components to reduce supply chain risks with the help of the Lexi tool

Lexi created a historical moment for us when we finally had total control over our contract manufacturer spend, not only components, but also plastic, mechanical and other material in one database

Enable your organisation !

At Lexi we’re committed to help our Customers to digitalize their supply chains to through maximizing value, mitigating risk, ensuring compliance. The investment in taking Lexi in use deliver high ROI in short time

Excel to Digitalised

We consolidate the ” 400 ” monthly excel-sheets , ERP reports, RFQ’s etc into one database

Estimate to Fact

Enable data driven decision making with the help of analytics

Reactive to Provative

Act before it happens, re-design, cost increase are visualized!


The Only Tool
You’ll Ever Need

Manage the supply chain and EMS supplier for working professional with Bill of Material and not in Excel





Lexi’s big data analytics take your raw and messy data and transform it into a source of valuable business intelligence. Our “data discovery” process yields insights that unlock savings that otherwise lie hidden and untapped. Buried in the spend tail, previously not thought to be worth the effort to extract. Lexi can show you the way.


Lexi gives you the tools to be able to monitor your EMS and other suppliers at a micro level, drilling down into component costs, contract pricing compliance, PPV, cost/price history, value-add-margin (VAM) analysis, productivity development, and much more.


Lexi provides enhanced product analytics by enriching you Bill of Material by blending component data, components risk, component costs and other business data for deeper insights to mitigate supply disturbance and reduce cost.

Managing Your Data Doesn’t Have
to Be Hard.

Effective data management process includes a combination of different functions that collectively aim to make sure that the data in corporate systems is accurate, available and accessible


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